USED: Pedego Electric Tandem

This beautiful 1-year-old Pedego Electric Tandem Bicycle has a 1 year warrenty remaining. Originally priced at $4,264, get it now for $2,925! Hello, Fun!

USED: 2006 Burley Fox Hollow

2006 Burley Fox Hollow demo road bike in 21” red available in excellent condition. Priced new at $4,100.00, available used now for $1,600.00.

USED: Roland Tandem

We have a 90’s Roland Tandem, with an upgraded rear wheel. Sized at 21/18”, it was originally for $1200.

USED: Myata Hybrid Tandem

This Myata Hybrid Tandem has a 21/18” chromo frame and 21 gears. It's in good shape and can be your today for 795.00!

USED: Co-Motion Tandem

This beautiful blue Co-Motion Tandem Bicycle is available for $3,500! What a great deal to take home!