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We have a collection of accessories such as bags, gloves, bike seats, and fenders to keep your ride safe and stylish.

Custom Orders

Our catalogue shows our most popular options for all our tandems and we are available during showroom hours to help you.

Repairs and Tune-ups

Noticing your ride isn't as smooth as it could be? We do all kinds of needed repairs on tandems and single bikes.


Calfee Design Dragonfly

The Dragonfly uses higher modulus carbon fibre for even lighter weight, not available with couplers.

Calfee Design Bamboo

The Bamboo is a similar ride as the Tetra but even more comfortable with a gorgeous natural bamboo finish.

Calfee Design Tetra

The Tetra is the classic Calfee tandem: light, comfortable ride and available with couplers, Di2 shifters or Rohloff hub.