USED: Roland Tandem

We have a 90’s Roland Tandem, with an upgraded rear wheel. Sized at 21/18”, it was originally for $1200.

USED: Trek T900 Tandem

The Trek T900 was originally purchased August 2013 and comes with original pedals and seats.

Co-Motion Periscope Trident

Built on Co-Motion's innovative PeriScope design, the PeriScope Trident takes it one step - or one rider - further.

Co-Motion Periscope

Stretching to accommodate any tandemist, from three feet tall, to over six feet tall making it perfect for families.

Co-Motion Robusta

Co-Motion’s 2nd lightest tandem made from Co-Motion's designed ACM Ultra 7 aluminum tubing.

Co-Motion Speedster

The backbone of the Co-Motion line, the Speedster is designed with the weight of aluminum but the strength of steel.

Co-Motion Mocha

The multi-faceted Mocha has the user-friendly attitude and fitting advantages of a mountain bike with a 650b wheel.

KHS Tandemania Sport

27 speed Shimano Acera Rapidfire shifters, alloy suspension stoker seatpost, and Alivio rear derailleur.