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USED: 2013 Co-Motion Periscope Torpedo Co-Pilot 700c

2013 Co-Motion Periscope Torpedo Co-Pilot 700c is in great shape, and very well maintained.
Size small – 54.5cm effective captain sizing – the original owner is 6’2” and has been both captain and stoker.  This tandem is ideal to allow a family or couple ride together.

  • Co-Pilot allows for breaking down for travel.
  • Viola Blue, Black with White outline decals
  • Disc Brakes, road and touring handling, STI shifters.
  • Tubus Cargo rear Rack with XL struts
  • Planet Bike Freddy Fenders
  • Periscope Frame Padding


For details, please contact Michael at michael.oosthoek@gmail.com.

Note: Are you interested in selling your tandem? Feel free to email us at info@mbstandems.ca with all your tandem’s information and photos and we’ll put it live on our website for FREE until it is sold!